Joshua. Ancient creature of habit and misdirected anger currently nesting in The Nickle City. I have an established proficency in the use of firearms, the german language and the great outdoors. I also appreciate science fiction, history and the over use of memes. If you have any questions/comments/insults/death threats feel free other than that, please move along citizens.
Anonymous said:

you have the least readable theme ever oh my god. i hope you didn't pay for it, because it's a tragic mess.

i sincerely hope you don’t think it’s actually preferable to buy a theme. Your input has been logged and you are now cleared to fuck off.

And i think the term you were going for is legible.


Late afternoon in the studio

A solo 1 kilometro de distancia… by Javier Ruata on Flickr.

Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady Cockpit

Hiroyasu Okanaga さんの Study materials. ボードのピン | Pinterest